Automated Phone Survey Solutions

Automated Phone SurveyAutomated phone surveys are ideal for collecting basic information from a wide audience quickly and efficiently. Participation rates can exceed 35%, and the data is available for analysis within minutes after a survey is launched.

Our Phone Survey Options

Creating and managing automated phone surveys is a specialty of GroupCast. A proprietary development tool enables GroupCast to build and publish touch tone response surveys quickly, accurately and inexpensively.

Create simple one-question surveys, linear surveys, or complex non-linear surveys that present questions Survey Resultsbased on prior answers. Collect numeric and voice input from survey recipients.

Phone Survey Applications

Businesses are increasingly turning to phone surveys to gain insight into customer satisfaction, loyalty, and behavior. Educational institutions rely on phone surveys to complete research projects. And many other types of organizations are using phone surveys to gain feedback from key organizational stakeholders. The applications are limitless!

The sooner you can collect data, the faster you can complete projects, make decisions, or improve organizational performance. Consider using an automated phone survey to get the feedback that you need.

Features & Benefits

Here are just a few of the many applications and benefits of voice driven automated phone surveys:

Applications Benefits
-POS Survey -Quick to Market
-Customer Satisfaction -High Response Rates
-New Product Research -Broader Reach
-Employee Training -Immediate Feedback
-Health Screening Questions -Reduced Workloads
-Political Polling -Actionable Information
-Option to Connect to Live Agent
-Employee Screening & Feedback -Low Cost

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