Shift Notifications, Appointment Reminders, and More

calendar for doctor's appointmentHospitals and health care centers are being asked to trim budgets and control costs, all while responding to increased demands and calls for improved service. The automated response capabilities of GroupCast can be used to off-load manual and repetitive communications tasks, such as staff and patient notifications, from administrative personnel. Now, one person can do the job of several, freeing up budget dollars, increasing revenues, and putting more care staff on the floor.

Healthcare applications include:

Senior Living Communications Automated Appointment Reminders
Anonymous Reporting Systems Employee Whistleblower Hotlines
Customer Satisfaction Surveys Employee Polls
• Shift Availability Notices • Automated Pre-Op and Post-Op Notifications
• Code Alert Notifications • Credential Notifications
• Campus-Wide Alerts • Collections & Payment Notices

The prognosis is great for hospitals and health care clinics that use GroupCast regularly. You'll wonder how you ever got by without it! GroupCast benefits include:

• Easy setup - no on-site hardware or software needed • Access from any PC, smartphone, or tablet
• Web-based platform hosted by us; IT dept. does not need to manage • Budget friendly - unlimited or usage-based plans available
• Secure data encryption • HIPAA Compliant
• Free, secure data integration tools • Mobile apps allow you to send broadcasts outside the office

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