Interactive Voice Strategies

Looking to implement an interactive voice response application, broadcast notification program, or enhanced toll free solution to compliment your business strategy? GroupCast is the solution!

IVR design solutionGroupCast can assist you with the design, development and implementation of a high quality, low cost IVR application. Choose from one of our many standard applications,including:

Common and core features across all GroupCast applications include:

  • Distinguish between "live" and "machine" answer on phone broadcast
  • Play different messages to live vs. machine answer types
  • Real-time reporting
  • Call center load balancing - pace broadcast with inbound answer capabilities
  • Self-Service or Managed-Service options
  • API data and launch integration - trigger individual or mass broadcast based on CRM events and conditions.
  • Touch phone responses
  • Live agent transfer
  • Caller ID transferred on live agent transfer
  • Automatic cell phone vs. land-line identification
  • Text To speech and data conversion
  • Inbound (toll free) and outbound (broadcast) variants of IVR solutions
  • Remote database access with XML/SOAP/Web Services Pull/Post
  • Multiple IVR hosting centers
  • Flexible billing arrangements from per-minute, per-call, pre-paid options.
  • Called party opt-out feature
  • Professional voice talent services
  • IVR design, build and testing services

Don't see what you are looking for? Just ask! GroupCast offers off-the-shelf IVR solutions in addition to fully custom IVR development and implementation.

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