Product Recall & Retail Communications

Egg Recall ImageIn the very next moment, your retail operations could be disrupted in a manner that requires you to notify customers, staff, and distribution channel members. Are you prepared for that kind of event?

  • Product Recalls
  • POS and Network Interruptions
  • Shipping Interruptions
  • Weather Closing and Natural Disasters
  • Labor Conditions

These are just a few of the many unplanned issues that can cause disruption to retail store operations and communications. Whether corporate-based or franchised-based, when faced with such disruptions, you need a communications tool that can reach customers, staff and vendors quickly, efficiently and affordably. GroupCast is the solution!

Food and product retailers across the country rely on GroupCast for comprehensive system-wide communications from consumer recall notices, to store manager communications, to employee announcements.

Benefits and Applications

Scalable. GroupCast's has the capacity to support campaigns ranging from millions of consumer alerts to simple store-level shift alerts.

Multi-Modal. Reach customers with personally recorded voice, email or text messages, with support for up to 60 ethnic languages. Additional services include:

  • Basic Messaging
  • Integrated IVR Solutions
  • Text-to-Speech Integration
  • Polls & Voice Surveys
  • Data Collection & Reporting

Data Integration. GroupCast offers a range of data integration options from API and Web Services integration to simple batch uploads.

Easy-to-Implement. GroupCast is a web-based service (SaaS) and therefore requires no on-site hardware, phone lines, or software for use. The system is designed to be operated by your staff and requires basic Internet and PC skills. GroupCast can be fully operational in just hours.

  • Managed services are also offered for intermittent deployments, or for deployments where the client does not wish to manage their own broadcast activity.

Cost Effective. GroupCast offers flexible, low cost arrangements ranging from usage-based to unlimited-use programs.

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