Message Broadcast and IVR Solutions for Organizations

GroupCast's suite of voice broadcast and IVR services enables businesses, schools, health care providers, government agencies, and other organizations a means to send recorded telephone messages simultaneously to tens, hundreds, or thousands of recipients fast. Voice broadcast combines the personal qualities of the human voice with interactive response capabilities, allowing recipients to respond immediately to the message received. GroupCast can be used across a variety of applications such as automated appointment reminders, customer service messaging, membership communications and staff notifications.

The opportunities are endless but here are just a few applications for consideration:

  • Automated Phone Surveys - Voice broadcast is the perfect solution for capturing customer satisfaction data. Calls can be place immediately following customer interactions ensuring timely and actionalable feedback.
  • Appointment Reminders - Forgotten scheduled appointments and missed reservations cost businesses millions in lost revenue and missed opportunities each year. You've worked hard to get a customer to commit to your business, so don't stop there - remind them of their appointment or reservation the on day of or the night before with GroupCast.
  • Product Recalls - Do you have a plan of action for the recall of any of your products? Most companies do not even think about a plan until they are scrambling and it is too late. Let GroupCast help you find peace of mind. Our electronic and voice products can assist by tracking who received your message so you can rest assured that your company has given consumers the best attention necessary.
  • Collection Options - GroupCast represents a low-cost, high-impact solution for communicating with customers within the payment cycle. Ideally suited for pre-write off communications, voice broadcast has proven to be a powerful tool for reminding and motivating customers to make payments. With live agent connect-back and real-time insertion of financial data, our voice broadcast collection solution will help you collect more money faster and at less cost and effort.
  • Business Continuity and Crisis Communications - In today's fast-changing world, the next weather-driven disaster or public relations crisis is just around the corner. GroupCast can help your business cope with the effects of such adverse events. Communicate with staff to ensure that critical business functions can continue, or keep staff and customers updated on changes to normal business functions.
  • Sales Force and Workforce Communications - Wish you had a better way to communicate with your sales force, dealers or value added resellers? GroupCast provides enterprises with a personalized recording, allowing the flexibility to discuss new products, contests, and other incentives. Reach out to your most valuable asset - your employees and partners - and provide them with timely information.

This is only a small fraction of the applications that GroupCast can provide to your enterprise. Please click here to provide additional information so we can identify enterprise solutions that bring value to you and your clients.