Training & Support - Never Outsourced, 24 Hours a Day

Voice Broadcast support call
Some companies talk about great customer service, but when you need it, you realize too late that's all it is: "talk." You could be put on hold forever, be asked to "leave a message and someone will call you back" or be transferred to an overseas call center left struggling to explain yourself. That will never happen at GroupCast.

We realize that you don't work on our schedule and questions can arise at anytime. When they do, you want experienced help from a real person and you want it right now. That's why GroupCast offers full technical support and troubleshooting, from a live person, 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. Our representatives are based in St. Louis at our company headquarters and we will never outsource our training or customer support functions.

Our, always FREE, customer care program consists of:

  • Comprehensive live, one-on-one initial user training
  • 90-day follow up customer care "touches"
  • Access to live "topic training" group sessions
  • On-demand video tutorials
  • Robust on-line FAQ's and knowledge center materials

When you sign up for GroupCast, you will enjoy the best customer support in the industry. Our entire team is at your service and is waiting to assist you with your needs. Experience the GroupCast difference today!

Voice Broadcast support team