Voice Broadcast - Fast Reach, Simple Process

GroupCast voice broadcast service is delivered as a hosted, or software-as-a-service, solution and enables groups, businesses, schools, municipalities and organizations to send recorded voice messages simultaneously to tens, hundreds, or thousands of recipients fast. Pricing models include pre-paid, usage based and unlimited usage programs.

Applications include:voice broadcast application

  • Emergency alerts
  • School closings and parent outreach
  • Customer notifications and alerts
  • Municipal and residential communications
  • Staff communications and alerts
  • Automated phone surveys and polls

Voice broadcast combines the personal qualities of the human voice with interactive response capabilities, allowing recipients to respond immediately to the message received.

GroupCast voice broadcast features include:

  • Live vs. machine answer detection with message differentiation
  • Automatic cell phone identification and voice mail bypass
  • IVR integration for touchtone response and voice capture
  • Alternate language and ethnic language support
  • Connect back to live agent
  • Data upload via record, batch file, web services and other integration tools
  • Robust self-service tools for list management and message creation
  • Web and phone launch tools
  • Load switch balancing for broadcast delivery management
  • Real-time reporting with data search and export tools

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