Product Recall Notifications

SalmonellaProduct recall notifications are an essential risk mitigation tool for retailers who maintain detailed customer and supply chain data. Warehouse clubs, grocery chains with loyalty programs, pharmacies, and other major retailers can use GroupCast to quickly notify customers, staff, and distribution channel members about recalled products, protecting consumers and your business.

Product Recall Notification Applications

Food, drug, and consumer goods retailers across the country rely on GroupCast for comprehensive system-wide communications from consumer recall notices, to store manager communications, to employee announcements.

Benefits of Product Recall Notifications

Scalable. GroupCast has the capacity to support campaigns ranging from millions of consumer alerts to simple store-level shift alerts.

Multi-Modal. Reach customers with personally recorded voice, email or text messages, with support for more than 50 languages. Additional services include:

  • Basic Messaging
  • Instant Translation to More Than 50 Languages
  • Polls & Voice Surveys
  • Data Collection & Reporting

Data Integration. GroupCast integrates with more than 130 data sources.

Easy-to-Implement. GroupCast is a web-based service (SaaS) and therefore requires no on-site hardware, phone lines, or software for use. The system is designed to be operated by your staff and requires basic Internet and PC skills. GroupCast can be fully operational in just hours. Managed services are also offered for intermittent deployments, or for deployments where the client does not wish to manage their own broadcast activity.

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