White Papers

Electronic Communications in a Crisis

When the unthinkable happens, will you be ready to communicate about it? Get ready now with this best practice guide. Learn More

7 Ways to Improve Workforce Engagement

Improving workforce engagement is a simple and cost-effective way to weather the challenges brought on by today's economic environment. Download our free guide on workforce engagement and learn how to get the most out of your team. Learn More

Senior Living Services & Crisis Communications

Administrators of independent living, assisted living centers, skilled nursing, and long-term senior care centers will appreciate this industry-specific guide on crisis communications. Learn More

Professional Development Webinars

How to Communicate at Work

Technology, time constraints, and personalities can all get in the way of communicating effectively at work. Watch this webinar with expert Vicki Hess to get solid, easy-to-use ideas for minimizing the communication stress you encounter. Learn More

3 Ways Health Care Leaders Can Drive Employee Engagement

Only 12% of healthcare employees are fully engaged. That leaves 60% who are moderately and under engaged and a whopping 28% who are disengaged. OUCH! Watch this free webinar where expert Vicki Hess shares proven techniques for layering engagement onto things you are already doing. Learn More

Continuity Planning for Hospitals

Power failures, weather events, and other unforeseen crises can cripple your IT and patient care systems. When these things happen, how do you recover? Get ahead of your next crisis by augmenting your emergency planning processes with continuity planning. Watch this free webinar with continuity expert Jacque Rupert to learn more. Learn More

Survive and Thrive in a Do-More-With-Less World

In this webinar, Vicki Hess provides health care leaders with five steps to manage the rampant change and be able to gracefully do more with less. Vicki shares stories, anecdotes and proven ideas for being resilient at work - especially in the face of change. Gain the tools you need to be more productive by viewing this webinar. Learn More

Outsourcing Health Care Collections

How much money are you losing in delinquent accounts? How much money are you spending chasing those delinquent accounts? In this webinar, you will learn when to turn your delinquent accounts over to a reputable collections agency. Learn More

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