Mass Messaging For Health Organizations

Achieve improvements in patient outcomes and organizational efficiencies.

By improving communication with patients, staff, and community members, health care providers and public health agencies can achieve their most critical goals:

  • Helping patients get the care they need
  • Alerting community members about local health issues and resources
  • Keeping health care facilities safe and fully staffed
  • Reducing outstanding balances and protecting revenue

A wide range of health organizations rely on our mass notification solutions to achieve goals like these. The GroupCast notification platform allows you to send voice, text, email, and social media messages to any group of people. With our tools, you can scale and automate communications in ways that make an impact while saving time and money.

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Mass Messaging Solutions That Help Achieve Your Goals

  • Appointment Reminders – You can’t bill for services not delivered. Ensure your patients are getting the care they need while protecting revenue.
  • Public Health Alerts – Communicate about disease outbreaks. Encourage behavior change. Promote vaccination, fitness, behavioral health resources, and other positive health choices.
  • Shift Availability Notices – Ease the burden of keeping facilities fully staffed. Alert float pool or off duty staff of shift openings using automated voice or text messages.
  • Patient Engagement – Automate prescription notifications, outpatient discharge communications, and more so you can free up time for higher-value tasks.
  • Campus Safety Communications – Alert staff about intruders, suspicious activity, and other threats with multi-channel messaging and desktop alerts.
  • Residential Facility Messaging – Senior living communities and other long-term care facilities can keep residents, families, and staff informed about key issues.
  • Wellness Messaging – Encourage employees, patients, and staff to adhere to fitness regimens, nutritional guidelines, smoking cessation programs, and prescribed medicines.
  • Payment And Collection Notices – Inform payers of financial obligations to encourage timely payment. Improve collections by sending automated late payment notices.

Messaging Tools To Meet Your Communications Needs

  • Mass notifications and alerts. Message your entire community in a matter of moments. Rely on our robust and reliable technology to ensure your messages get delivered.
  • Cross-channel messaging. Reach people no matter what device they prefer to use. Send multi-channel broadcasts that integrate voice, text, email, and social media messaging.
  • Website and mobile app integration. Simplify the process of keeping all of your communications channels updated. Use our RSS feed integration to update everything at once.
  • On-premise messaging. Send alerts about campus safety, patient and facility issues, and other reminders to staff across your campuses with desktop alerts.

Why Health Care Organizations Trust GroupCast

  • Experience: Hundreds of organizations use GroupCast notifications.
  • Reliability: As a leading provider of mass notification services to organizations across North America, we have decades of experience delivering mission-critical communications. We have the capacity to deliver outstanding results in any situation.
  • Impact: Automate common communications and free up time for higher-value tasks. Increase workforce productivity. Manage communications efficiently.
  • Convenience: From a single system, communicate with voice, email, text, social media, RSS feeds and desktop alerts.
  • Access: Send broadcasts via the web, mobile apps, and our toll-free broadcast line.
  • Economics: Scale up your messaging at cost-effective rates. Low implementation cost.
  • Ease Of Use Web-based system with no high-tech programming or user skills required.
  • Compliant: Compliant with relevant privacy and safety regulations like HIPAA.
  • Support: 24/7/365 customer service. Ongoing training that meets your needs. Professional services including broadcast assistance, voice talent, and IT data integration.

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