Public Health Alerts & Communications

Keep community members and patient populations informed about key health issues.

Public health agencies and large health systems have a responsibility to keep citizens informed about threats to health and safety and other important issues.

Whether you need to communicate about urgent situations like disease outbreaks or issue non-urgent advisories around general health and wellness issues, our mass notification solutions can help.

Find out why hundreds of health care organizations trust the GroupCast notification platform to communicate about important matters with citizens and patients.

Warn The Public About Urgent Health & Safety Threats

In today’s volatile world, new threats to life and wellbeing are constantly emerging. To keep the public safe, you need the capacity to communicate with large numbers of people rapidly and reliably. GroupCast solutions meet that need.

Here are just a few types of situations where GroupCast notifications can make a difference:

  • Viral Outbreak Alerts: Inform the public about the latest strains of Influenza and other rapidly-developing viruses. Provide information on prevention and treatment.
  • Pandemic Communications: Respond proactively to pandemic scenarios by messaging around prevention best practices, quarantine protocols, and other info. Advise citizens about public health resources and legitimate sources of information.
  • Travel Advisories: Provide alerts about countries or geographic regions experiencing disease outbreaks and discourage travel to those places.
  • Foodborne Illness Alerts: Notify the public about outbreaks of E. coli, salmonella, norovirus, and other foodborne illnesses.
  • Drug Abuse Warnings: Alert the public about the risks around recreational and prescription drug abuse. Message around key issues such as vaping, opioid addiction, needle exchange, overdoses, etc.
  • Sexual Health Alerts: Warn about community outbreaks of sexually transmitted diseases. Power creative campaigns around prevention and intervention; distribute messaging via multiple channels (social, text, email, etc.).
  • Vaccination Messaging: Provide accurate, scientific information about the importance and safety of vaccination; help prevent disease outbreaks by stressing importance of getting vaccinated.

Improve Health Outcomes With Targeted Communications

Another key mission of public health organizations is influencing behavior and encouraging positive health choices. With GroupCast messaging solutions, you can reach community members with targeted messaging that helps drive change.

The applications are limited only by your imagination:

  • Promote simple fitness activities and healthy eating choices in communities with high rates of obesity
  • Implement targeted suicide prevention campaigns that reach at-risk populations (veterans, youth, etc.)
  • Raise awareness about mental and behavioral health resources in the community; message about toxic stress and specific health conditions
  • Encourage local senior populations to make healthy and safe lifestyle choices
  • Advise parents about how to deal with common child and adolescent illnesses, injuries, and other health issues
  • Create campaigns that discourage use of tobacco and vaping devices; target younger populations with messaging; encourage adoption of and adherence to smoking cessation programs
  • Urge citizens to comply with doctors’ orders on prescriptions; encourage medication adherence and highlight financial assistance resources

Messaging Tools To Help You Execute Any Campaign

The GroupCast mass notification platform allows you to send multi-channel message broadcasts that can reach the populations you want to target – regardless of age, demographics, or preferred communications channels.

  • Voice notifications. Bring the human touch to campaigns by sending voice messages from local celebrities and trusted community leaders.
  • Text messaging. Reach populations who stay busy and on-the-go with text alerts and reminders.
  • Email alerts and newsletters. Send urgent news via simple email alerts; encourage community engagement with well-designed e-newsletters.
  • Social media messaging. Reach digitally-connected users with highly creative social campaigns.

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