Improve Communications with Seniors, Care Givers and Families

Operating a senior living facility or home-care program is no easy task. Reliable and timely communications with residents, staff, caregivers, and families is critical. In some cases, you may need to reach out directly to residents, while in others, you may need to notify families of policy changes, facility matters, or upcoming events. And when shifts need to be filled, communicating with off-duty or substitute workers can be time-consuming and difficult.

Independent Living Needs

Out of Order

Independent residents are just that - independent. They may live in attached housing surrounding a center, or in apartments found within a center. Their daily schedules are mainly their own, but they may take part in some central services, such as meals or activities. Using GroupCast to reach independent seniors is a perfect use of our service.

Example: Lutheran Senior Services of St. Louis uses their GroupCast account to reach the independent residents living on their campus with news and facility updates - such as when a elevator is out of order, or to remind them of activities or meetings. Since the messages arrive as recorded phone messages, the residents are comfortable with the technology immediately.

Assisted Living

Family DayAssisted living residents make heavy use of centralized services and most often reside within a central facility with common areas for meals and activities. Keeping families informed and engaged with the community can be a challenge. Using GroupCast as a community outreach program is an ideal use of our service.

Example: Many assisted living centers will have special coordinated events, especially around the major holidays, and will need to coordinate with attending families on meals, parking and other needs. Use GroupCast to request RSVPs and keep registrants informed of plans for each event.

Skilled and Long-Term Care

VolunteerCoordinating the care for those who cannot care for themselves is often the greatest challenge of a senior living administrator. In this situation, communicating with staff and volunteers can be one of the greatest needs. GroupCast is the ideal solution for communicating with large groups of employees working different shifts and for coordinating volunteer activities.

Example: Use GroupCast to manage your volunteers by reminding them of shifts or openings that need to be filled. Coordinate extra volunteers for special events, or use GroupCast to spread news regarding facility updates.

Communicate with Staff, On-Site and Off-Site

Your ability to reach your staff, on-site and off, has a direct correlation to the quality of service your center provides. If you can reach your staff at a moment's notice, then you can pay attention to the smallest details and leave nothing up to chance. GroupCast can give you extraordinary control and reach across the breadth of your operations. Contact GroupCast today and participate in a free, online demonstration of our array of features and solutions.

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